Close Protection Officer - £Neg


Marlin Recruitment are seeking a highly experienced Close Protection Officer for a high profile Middle Eastern family based in Knightsbridge, London.

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Organising and planning full residential security team requirements for main residence
  • Control of all visitors to premises
  • Engage in various contracts involving management of Principal's full security requirements
  • Full close protection duties for high profile and high net-worth families and individuals
  • Control, planning and implementation of all personal escort security
  • Driving client(s) as required
  • Arranging security planning for high profile events including media control
  • Liaising with various management staff to co-ordinate Principal's day to day diary and security requirements accordingly
  • Carrying out any duties in relation to personal requirements
  • Arranging and undertaking security planning for high profile events whether business or domestic
  • Residential security and patrolling
  • Reporting of daily activities and completion of reports

The CPO will be certified and constantly training and knowledgeable to intelligence systems.  The CPO must keep constantly alert to react to hostile situations and overcome any potential problems for the principal.  The role can be specialised to residential security (securing principal's homes and properties), or alternatively security driving (specialising in defensive driving).  The higher risk individual to potential threats, the more protection they will receive and individuals can often be flagged by a team of CPO's rather than just a single individual.